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Mobile Plan

Which is the Telco Terabaik 2020 in Malaysia? Need a Telco comparison? Lets have a quick look at the top telco in Malaysia. According to the last year's report, Maxis is the best in terms of support and service. It is the Telco Terabaik in 5 categorie which includes Best Gaming & Video Experience, Download & Upload speed and the Best Latency Experience . But with respect to cost, it is one of the expensive. Celcom had widest range of network as because they handle government projects. Winning the award in best 4G coverage and best 4G experience. In term of price, DiGi is the cheapest among all. Again, when it comes to voice app experience, Unifi wins the award as always. Apart all these, UMobile is picking up.

All these have separate mobile plans at different budget which makes people crazy as which fits the best according to budget and requirements. But, no worries, our expert team is here to help you pick up the Telco Terabaik that best fits your requirements. Click on the Get Consultation Button or call/whatsapp our hotline @ 0196458888

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Fiber Internet

Looking for the best Fiber Internet Coverage? Too many fiber internet plans to choose from? Worried about the budget? No worries! We are here to help you. We are dealing with Fiber Internet for more than one and a half decade. Lets have a quick look at some of our research to help you.

Among the Fiber Internet Providers, Maxis, Time and TM Unifi Stands apart from others. TM Unifi is the strongest in network as they lay cable and infrastructures for the country. But under the hood, Maxis comes into picture as they wholesale the service. Time is considered the strongest among the three in fiver internet Malaysia. But due to their costing strategy, they only provide service to the high rise buildings. Again, each of the fiver internet connectors have their separate Fiver Internet Coverage Map, packages, discounts etc.

As the competition is growing, it is getting tough for people to pick up the best. But don't worry, we are here to help you out. Want to learn more about Fiver Internet or want to choose the right Fiver Internet Plan, all you need to do is simply click on the Get Consultation button below or call/whatsapp our hotline @0136458888 to get 24/7 online support.

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We have more than 15 years of business in telco and we help our clients to decrease mobile and telecommunication costs, while improving their businesses profits.

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We have more than 15 years of business in telco and we help our clients to decrease mobile and telecommunication costs, while improving their businesses profits.


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