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Do you know that in the past 6 months in Malaysia there is a total of 21 new plans for postpaid and prepaid? How can business owners know what is best for them?

We have more than 15 years of business in telco and we help our clients to decrease mobile and telecommunication costs, while improving their businesses profits.

Our Solutions

We provide efficient business package solutions for your needs
  • Mobile Services

    B2B segment of business has a very unique opportunity with great variances when there are international calls. We have a track record of saving 76% of bills, from one single line

    Find out how we did it.


    Just like how it was described in book "The World is Flat" our businesses can now expand to other countries at a speed like never before.

    Stay in touch at the lowest rates based on where you travel with our advice


    International Direct Dialing or IDD will allow you to be present any where in the world but calling your clients (sometimes at even cheaper than local calls).

    Worldwide Calls, Local Charges
  • Office Internet (WIFI)

    The last time a major telco was down for 4 hours, the news was shared close to 1,000 times on social media. Internet sure is important.

    Critical business operations cannot run with hiccups, we ensure the continuity throughout by recommending you the best solution.

    Dedicated Internet Access (Lease Line)

    Mission critical operations cannot afford down times, therefore businesses need to have a dedicated lines for those areas to ensure connectivity 24/7/365.

    We allow our clients to choose between Our Partners  so you can have a unbiased review.

    Internet of Things (M2M Solutions)

    Machines are getting smarter and now we have a network of communications automated to leave the critical decision makings to humans.

    Find out how you can be riding this wave.

More than one reason, why OMNI360?

TRULY Neutral opinion

One of the main reasons our customer continuously engage us, year after year is our partnership with various service providers.
We partner with Maxis, Celcom, TIME and Digi to provide the best solution to our customers.

15 years and counting

The sheer number of advertisements and change of plans can truly mesmerize a typical end consumer, our experience and partnerships help us to mitigate what is truly valuable for our customers.

Standard Process

Our methodologies applied across helps us to ensure no stone unturned, the name 360 is to give you total perspective of where your money goes to.

Our process Methodology

We follow a stand process to ensure are able to get the best to our clients
  • Understand

    Understand what our clients needs, nothing beats asking a few questions to kick start.
  • Analyse

    A thorough scan for all expenses to confirm and verify unnecessary expenses.
  • Recommend

    Based on our clients' usage and size we are able to offer various alternatives to suit them.
  • Gifts & Savings

    Our methodologies often result in savings and occassionally gifts with no extra costs.

Find out how you can get a FREE smartphone, with no extras.


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We have more than 15 years of business in telco and we help our clients to decrease mobile and telecommunication costs, while improving their businesses profits.
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